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Southern Tennessee Medical Center in Winchester, Emerald Hodgson Hospital in Sewanee, Hillside Hospital in Pulaski, and Crockett Hospital in Lawrenceburg have combined to form the Southern Tennessee Regional Health System (STRHS).

The four hospitals, all affiliated with LifePoint Hospitals® of Brentwood, Tennessee, will join forces to share best clinical practices for quality care, achieve operational efficiencies, create organizational scale to enable the addition and expansion of important services, and expand access to primary care services in the southern middle Tennessee region. The combined system has 382 licensed beds, more than 300 affiliated physicians, 1,250 employees, and serves more than 160,000 people in rural communities in the region.

This innovative organizational move is designed to address unprecedented changes in the healthcare industry. The changing healthcare landscape has prompted LifePoint and its southern Tennessee facilities to create STRHS to improve healthcare delivery in Tennessee’s rural communities.

Joint Commission Accreditation

Joint Commission accreditation addresses all complaints that pertain to patient safety or quality of care issues within the scope of Joint Commission standards. The Joint Commission has a toll-free hotline number that gives patients, their families, caregivers and others an opportunity to share concerns regarding quality of care issues at this accredited hospital.

The toll-free number is 1-800-994-6610, or visit http://www.jointcommission.org/.

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