Welcome to Southern Tennessee!

Making Communities Healthier is our mission

The Southern Tennesssee Regional Health System is proud to call the Tennessee Valley our home! From the rich history of the adventure and exploration of David Crockett in Lawrenceburg to the beautiful and unique campus of The University of the South in Sewanee, our network of hospitals, physician offices, and specialists care for the people living in the counties along the Tennessee - Alabama border. Each one of our locations is as unique as the people they care for. 

We have four distinct campus locations. Each one surrounded by the very best in modern healthcare. 

If you get a chance, visit any of the four unique campuses that make up our Health System.





STRHS Community Outreach 

Whether we're hosting our Lunch and Learn Series - ongoing small group discusssions led by a local healthcare expert or sponsoring the entertainment at the local county fair, Southern Tennessee Regional Health System is proud to be an active corporate citizen in our communities. Our team is built around the principles caring for the families and friends in an aorund our communities. If you would like to know more about STRHS' Community Outreach, please call:

Southern Tennessee Regional Health System